Hello, My Name Is…

Hi, thanks for clicking on whatever you clicked on to get you here. My name is J.D and I started this blog in light of all the things going on in our world today that leave people confused and scratching their heads. If you’ve ever just stopped and looked at where we are as a society and wondered “how did we get here?” you are in the right place. 

This is the place where I will (hopefully) say what you’ve been thinking, and for the other end of the spectrum I’ll be saying what you hope nobody says. 

I am a Christian. I am a husband and a father, and I have a point of view that I hope to share with you. More importantly than my POV however is that if I accomplish nothing else, I hope to share Jesus, the Gospel, and God’s amazing plan for our lives. My hope is that through whatever I post here, you will either ask the hard questions if you’re an unbeliever, be encouraged in your faith if you are a believer, and overall learn something about Jesus you didn’t know before. 

Thanks so much for reading, I look forward to your feedback. 



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