Worst. Premier. Ever!

If it didn’t seem already that the Ontario government is hellbent on bankrupting the province, this latest ploy to buy the vote should make it quite obvious. 

Click this link to see the news article to which I’m referring. 

Kathleen Wynne in all her brilliance, plans to give free daycare to low income families and has the audacity to call it ‘universal’ daycare. Apparently she doesn’t know that universal means everyone. 

For all the talk about discrimination and acceptance and tolerance the liberals do not seem to understand that their “universal” plans discriminate against the people who dare to work for a living. Child care is extremely expensive and any government subsidized plan will only drive up the cost for those who have to pay for it. Making it even more unfair to those who don’t fall into the category of low income. 

The same goes for her “universal” drug plan, if you’re under twenty five, your drugs are free! Again for all the talk about pay inequality doesn’t something like this just scream discrimination against everyone over twenty five? I mean how fair is it that a 24 year old and 26 year old could have the same prescription filled at the same time and one of them has to pay for it, and the other doesn’t? Then again, these “universal” plans of hers aren’t exactly designed to be fair, they’re designed to buy the votes of every single millennial voter out there. After all what kid nowadays isn’t going to give you the vote if your just like his enabling parents who never say “no” and always buy them stuff? 

Let’s talk about Wynne’s plan for “universal” basic income. Just another way to help the impoverished right? Wrong. Hmmm let’s see, if I’m working at McDonald’s for minimum wage making between twenty and thirty thousand a year (if I’m lucky), and my buddy who plays video games in his mom’s basement all day gets a government check every month for about the same as mine from Mickey D’s, why on earth am I going to keep punching in Big Mac’s at the till? Oh that’s right, because minimum wage is going up to $15 bucks an hour and that’s going to encourage me to continue to work, if I still have a job that is, after the tech companies in China realize that they can make a computer to do my job for less than the cost of three months pay and thanks to the TPP they won’t have to pay to bring it over… Ronald McDonald isn’t gonna wanna pay me $15 bucks an hour to do a job a computer can do faster and better and won’t sue after it’s feelings got hurt when being told to do a better job. 

The Ontario liberals are a disaster of epic proportions! One colossally stupid idea after another and somehow they still have the support of much of Toronto. Which wouldn’t bother me except for the fact that our ridiculous setup doesn’t truly represent the province, just the city of T.O. If they vote liberal, the rest of us really have no say whatsoever. 

For those that are really paying attention they’ll see her ploys for what they really are – giving you free stuff to vote for her. What makes it worse is that these are only promises that she “plans” to implement after she’s elected at which point she can back out and blame it on those pesky conservatives who won’t support her plans to help the needy. Ironically, her backing away from these dumb plans is something I’d be happy to see if only because I don’t want the province to become bankrupt. I bet though that even Kathleen Wynne knows that she can’t pull off all these universal plans to make dependants of low income families, it would cost way too much. 

So where does this leave a province that’s already paying too much for everything from food to electricity to real estate, and is taxed more than just about anyone on the planet? Where does this leave a province that somehow, in spite of its leadership is actually seeing some economic growth? It leaves us in a spot where some might say ‘its not that bad, at least we’ve come a long way in terms of human rights, right?” But it’s not good either people, the housing market is about to pop, dissatisfaction among voters has never been higher, and we’ve never seen the debt that we are in right now. 

If there’s one thing Wynne has done right it would be how she’s polarizing the vote. She is going so far left with the hot button topics she makes Hillary Clinton look like a centrist. She will get liberals to vote, there’s no doubt about that. And, she will win the election if conservatives don’t show up come election day. That my friends is where this is truly troubling, our flip flopper of a leader in Ontario – Patrick Brown should be taking a page out of Wynne’s book by leaning further right and drawing a very clear line in the sand between him and Wynne. I might go as far as to say that following Donald Trump’s lead would garner him more support if he’d give it a shot. Sadly, Brown wants to play the middle and try and sway some of the liberal vote in his favor, that’s not going to work, he needs to go after the vote that will vote conservative if they believe in the conservative leader. Instead he’s been wishy washy about the whole sex ed fiasco, among other things, but he’s done very little thus far in terms of going after voters who really want to vote for him. He’s leaving a giant Stephen Harper shaped hole in the collective soul of conservative voters, (I know he was national and we’re talking provincial, but the analogy fits) voters who desperately want to see in him what we saw in Harper – true conservative principles and values that we can count on. 

This is your election to lose Mr Brown, the balls in your court, take the shot and be the leader we, no Ontario desperately needs, even if they don’t know it. 


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