Gov’t Says Fast Food Ads Are Bad For Kids. Question; Aren’t Ads Objectifying Women Also Bad? Why Ban McDonald’s Ads But Not Unrealistic Images of Women? 

Our government is at it again, this time they plan on banning junk food ads that are targeted at kids. 

On the surface, this seems like a good idea right? I mean don’t our kids eat way too much garbage and not nearly enough fruits and vegetables? Wouldn’t a ban on Oreo cookies be a good thing, if they don’t see it, they won’t want it, right? 

How do you write that sound the buzzer makes when a contestant got something wrong on a game show? Well that’s the sound you should be hearing right now! Yeah kids today should eat healthier, the same would’ve been said about my generation and the one before that. But my kids don’t know about junk food from ads they’ve seen on TV, they know about junk food because of me! I bought the stuff and I let them eat it! 

This is nothing more than government censorship over free speech and the continuing overreach of a corrupt government. 

If they wanted to start banning ads harmful to our children then maybe they need to ban the YouTube ads before an episode of Paw Patrol that show a scantily clad warrior princess provocatively riding her horse into battle with just enough slow motion bouncing that would make Pamela Anderson on Baywatch blush! Seriously, there are more depictions of unrealistic women in ads for games you can download to your tablet than in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. 

I play a word game with my six year old and it’s ad endorsed, so that means that in order to keep playing you have to watch an ad first. Here’s a screenshot from one of those ads.

This is on a ‘E’ rated game too! Everyone is supposed to be able to play and the content will be appropriate, the ads apparently aren’t part of that rating. 

Here’s​ another ad I saw while hovering over my four year old as he clicked on a YouTube episode of Team Umizoomi, keep in mind that most of those commercials must be watched for a while before your video will start. 

That’s a girls kissing game made by some group claiming ties to Barbie. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t it look like the mermaids are just lining up to kiss this guy? And of course each of these girls look like they’re ready to move in to the Playboy mansion… if only they had legs. 

Finally, we have the famous Kate Upton ads she did for Game of War. Showing more cleavage than a Hollywood yoga studio she made the game one of the most popular, wealthy games in the history of mobile apps. Unlike the other two ads I showed you, this one was live action. Upton rode horses that trotted along conveniently bouncing Kate and her assets, she wielded a sword and she stared intently at the camera making all the nerds playing this game weak in their knees. 

But won’t somebody please think of the children!? I can just hear Reverend Lovejoy’s wife begging cry to think of the kids when it comes to these ridiculous ads that are allowed to play, uncensored. Meanwhile the government want to ban ads for potatoe chips and Snickers bars because they’re the harmful ones. Not the ads that suggest that it’s normal for two men to be in bed together while the girlfriend of one of the men ponders what to do in this scenario – obviously she should join them. No that’s not as bad as an ad featuring Toucan Sam following his nose, or Tony the tiger thrusting his tiger fist in the air shouting about how grrrrreat Frosted Flakes are. 

I get it, I really do, obesity is at epidemic proportions, kids are eating junk three meals a day and our overly busy lives don’t help. All I’m saying is that our government says they want to do what’s best for the kids and that’d be fine, if it were true. In reality they (the government) is trying to ease the burden on the healthcare system by letting us see less commercials for Doritos and Coca Cola. But censorship isn’t going to do that, especially if they aren’t going to enforce it. Remember when they made it illegal for commercials to be louder than the show you were watching? I actually agreed with that one, but nobody enforces it, overweight car salesmen still yell at you through the screen at a decibel level that would make King Kong cower in fear. What good is the law? 

Anyway, I’m ranting, I just thought that someone had to say it, so I did. 

Have a great day! 

In case you’re wondering, this is where my info  I came from


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